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Welcome to Nafec

Latest Updates

Tintern Abbey Painting Auction

This original oil painting of Tintern Abbey, (subject of Wordsworth's poem) by Jantien Powell is now for auction. The money raised is to be used for the ministry of NAFEC UK.

Reserve price is £200 or 350 US dollar s.

Please send an email with your details and chosen bid to s...@comcast.net

About Nafec

North East Asia Foundation for Education and Culture (NAFEC) has been established in the United Kingdom to assist in the advancement of education and the relief of poverty in North East Asia.

NAFEC provides financial and other assistance to non-profit educational and charitable institutions, including universities and orphanages in this region of the world.

Through the auspices of this organization, and the YUST/PUST Foundation in the USA (www.yustpust.com) thousands of young children are receiving shelter, food and medical care. Also hundreds of college students are receiving a bilingual education from foreign faculty members whose love and concern for them extends well beyond the classroom.

The establishment of Yanbian university of Science and Technology (YUST) and Pyongyang University of Science & Technology (PUST) is a present day miracle. The founder Dr. James Chinkyung Kim, (who as a young man studied in Bristol, England), has a passion to share the outworking of his Christian faith to those who would be otherwise considered at great disadvantage. He describes this as “Lovism”, as an answer to the “isms” which pervade the world.

For the first time in history of this region the instruction is entirely in English.