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  • NAFEC UK’s ministry during 2017
  • Disabled musicians concert Cardiff

    Trip to North Korea

    This was a blessed night in May as we continue to build relationships within North Korea.

    This Disabled Performance group came to Wales from North Korea.

    7 are blind, 8 are deaf & dumb, & one is an amputee……ages 12+

    truly heaven penned moment when after the concert concluded a spontaneous concert took place around the piano, with a blind young Welsh lady playing “It’s time to say goodbye” alongside a blind young North Korean man……with the NK soprano singing, joined by the NK tenors!!


    Below are a selection of videos from a recent trip to North East Asia.

    Blind School - Gifted Player


    Blind School -Singer


    KFPD Care home deaf


    KFPD - Deaf soccer team warm up