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North East Asia Foundation for Education and Culture, UK and Europe 2013 Report

2013 has been a busy but blessed year for our fledgling ministry as we seek to serve the peoples of North East Asia. With the support of Paul Hastings law firm in London, and Stewardship UK, our company, NAFEC, finally achieved charitable status.

Visits to North East Asia

Two of our directors, Reverend Peter Cho and Dr. Stephen Price, visited China and North Korea (DPRK) in October. They participated in the second International Science Conference at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. The first was attended by Directors, Stephen and Stella Price in 2011.

This time, Reverend Peter Cho spoke to the business students on the "Business Scientific Model to Transform Community." Dr. Stephen Price spoke to the Agriculture/Life Science (and potentially pre-med and public health) students on the "The elucidation of disease (Lyme disease) in a Primary Care setting".

Present Focus

Our primary focus is to support the establishment of a Medical Sciences Department at PUST. This will consist of five separate, but intricately linked specialties of Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Pharmacy and Nursing.

Medical Sciences advisors & faculty

We have been greatly encouraged by the support given to us by David Kerrigan, Director of Baptist Missionary Society, who along with Public Health expert, Neil Hamlet of Fife, Scotland, accompanied our directors.

Both David and Neil participated in the Science Conference and the whole team worked for several days to help formulate the Medical Sciences teaching programs. A good foundation was laid.


Dr. Price has visited North Korea on several other occasions. He had worked with Dr. Moses Kahng, the Medical Sciences Director, before, and was pleased to see that now with the addition of three other dedicated doctors, a full range of medical services was being offered to the students, faculty, and university staff, including the DPRK residents who were working at the facility.It was good to see the vision of establishing a full teaching facility begin to grow.

PUST Dental Clinic

The Dentistry Department has been set up by a dedicated doctor, Brian Lee Already, students are receiving dental implants at no cost, and are amazed at the painless dental care, they now receive.

Brian Lee, Pres. Kim & Chancellor Park

Public Health teaching will begin in the Fall term of 2014. The aim is to not only to provide research working alongside agencies such as WHO (World Health Organization), but to link with the Agricultural Sciences Department at PUST to monitor the well being of farming communes ascertaining and supplying the needs of families with children who might need food, vitamins, immunizations and medicines.

The Pharmaceutical Department is directed by Dr. Charlie Sands and will commence its teaching in 2014. There are also plans for a Nursing School to follow within a few years.

A Bridge of Trust is established

PUST Medical Sciences embodies the vision of PUST and its parent university, YUST (Yanbian University of Science and Technology), in Yanji City, Jilin Province, China. Both universities seek to achieve world-class status in global education. The five departments, or schools, will provide students of the DPRK with a valuable education, practical training, world-renowned faculty and array of resources and research opportunities. Envisioned is the training of competent healthcare providers who will week to improve the presently impoverished health of the people of the DPRK. This will not only help the country to advance as a modernized global partner, but we can show the people of this country the love of Christ in a practical way.

This respect and care for the people has been reciprocated in that the government has granted the Medical Department two full floors at a large hospital in Pyongyang (Kimmanyu Hospital). Here we will initially develop a post-graduate teaching program whereby we take the graduate DPRK physicians and train them in clinical medicine. Modernization of the hospital is anticipated using updated equipment (CT and MRI scanning, xray, endoscopy, microsurgery, improved laboratory science, etc.) in conjunction with access to the latest medical therapies.

PUST Student Health Center

Within five years we will set up a full medical school at PUST. The first year students will master English as this is the language of the Sciences teaching.