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Educational Outreach

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NAFEC supports YUST and PUST to fulfill their objectives where dedicated Christian educators and professionals train local students and help them to become key members of their societies. Our aim in the United Kingdom, and possibly Europe, is to mobilize support for these institutions. We hope to establish a network of persons who wish to join us in our mission; of cultivating leaders for the modern society who promote genuine peace and a culture of ‘lovism’ in this competitive and complicated world.

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In addition to supporting the Children’s Program, YUST and PUST, our foundation will support the YANBIAN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (YIA) in Yanji City, China. This centre plays a pivotal role in educating the children of those who serve in this area. There are more than 80 children in the Academy, (over 50 are the children of YUST professors) and they are taught by an international faculty, with teachers from 7 different countries.

The professors at YUST, PUST and YIA are required to raise their own financial support. NAFEC will play a considerable role in helping to alleviate this burden for such dedicated teachers.