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Childrens Outreach And Orphanages

Goals > Childrens Outreach And Orphanages

NAFEC UK is collaboratively supporting and operating a charitable program for children in North East Asia. We are unable to specify the exact locations of these, but most are in rural areas where the need is greatest.

Children under the age of 10 are being housed, clothed and fed, as well as provided with medicines where necessary. Such basic necessities would be difficult to obtain within the local community.

NAFEC’s administrators take the supplies to the children directly, as well as visiting the homes on a regular basis. Through these agencies, which have been operating for 15 years, NAFEC UK will help to feed and support 7000 children on an ongoing monthly basis. The cost to support each child is about 10 GBP.

Special requests have been met during times of shortages and disasters, and as many as 27,000 children have been helped on an as-needed basis. A love offering or a special plea to donors has assisted when these situations arise.

We do not give money to the homes but prefer to show love and concern by bringing the needed items.

If you would like to support this program in prayer &/or funds please contact Dr. Price via our contact us

Or mailing your gift to NAFEC UK

Co. Dr. Stephen Price,

Hanover Manse, Llanover, Wales UK NP7 9EF