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About Us

NAFEC is a charitable company and was registered with Companies House UK in August 2012. The international law firm of Paul Hastings, London has graciously assisted us at every turn to set up this charity.

‘Stewardship’, a Christian charity with great integrity and accountability (www.stewardship.co.uk) also contributed wisdom and support for our ministry.

Our directors have a passion to serve the people of North East Asia for different reasons but are united in their desire to share Dr. Kim’s call to “Lovism”.

Dr. Stephen Price, President of NAFEC UK is a medical doctor from Wales who has worked in many areas of the world; coming alongside others at times of need (see www.roadmin.org). He and his wife Stella returned to their native Wales from North America in 2009 to support the ministry and outreach of Hanover Chapel, Llanover. They have renovated the manse, which was the first chapel (Dissenters Meeting Room, 1744) and the boyhood home of Robert Jermain Thomas, the first Protestant missionary/martyr in Korea (see www.robertjermainthomas.com and www.roadmin.org)

Dr. Price has undertaken five visits to China and DPRK to assist in the teaching of Health Sciences and medical practice. He is a trustee of PUST.

Stella Price, as well as being the wife of Stephen, a mother and grandmother, has been a teacher for many years. More recently, when living in Massachusetts, USA, she became an adjunct professor at Gordon College, Wenham, where she taught Writing & Rhetoric.

Stella has authored numerous articles for newspapers and journals. For several years she contributed to Network News, a Christian monthly newspaper for the Boston area, as well as completing her book “Chosen for Choson” about the life of Welsh missionary Robert Jermain Thomas.

Her present project is the biography of Dr. James Chinkyung Kim, the founder of YUST and PUST. To facilitate her research she has visited both universities interviewing those involved in the ministry to orphans, and many who have been instrumental in assisting Dr. Kim in his educational endeavours.

Rev. Peter Yongte Cho is originally from Busan, South Korea. Along with his wife Herrin and three young daughters they moved to Wales where he has taken over the pastorate of Beulah and Tabernacle Baptist Churches in Newbridge. He has contributed greatly to the spiritual and physical growth of these two fellowships over the last three years.

Peter has a God given desire to serve, in whatever way he is able, the people of his homeland area of North East Asia. To fulfill his goal he has become a citizen of the United Kingdom so that he could be seen to be ‘above’ the politics of the region. Peter’s understanding of the language and circumstances will greatly assist the mission of NAFEC.